How to Sell on Stakecut

 In this post I’ll show you how to sell on Stakecut using your smart device…and get paid weekly, it doesn’t matter if you are completely broke now or already making money some other way but need additional income to supplement what you earn. This is guaranteed to work for you if you follow all the instructions I will share with you here. 

 In fact, one of our 7 figure club members Abubakar Abba Yusuf has done more money in a week selling on Stakecut than most people make in one month working in a big firm.

(by the way, the 6 & 7 Figure Club is a club of Stakecutters or Stakecut members that have done at least 1 Million naira or $1,666 in sales on Stakecut. You could be a member one day) 

Yusuf started out as a struggling broke student & stumbled on a content online about Stakecut, just like you are doing now reading this one – and in a few months did $6,000 (3.6 Million naira) in sales selling on Stakecut and has continued to earn substantial sums in dollars every week working with his smartphone.

…all from a business he started out as a broke struggling student, which means if you are in these shoes it is entirely possible for you to see results & even if you have a source of income – that is even better! 
Ready to learn how to sell & earn on Stakecut? Come with me… 

You are A Broker

  Have you seen the movie ‘’The Wolf of Wall Street’’, the major character in the movie Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) is a stockbroker that makes money by suggesting stocks to buy to clients, then when that stock makes money – he takes a commission. 

  It is kinda the same thing as what you’d be doing on Stakecut too (but in the legal way, and not Jordan Belfort’s way), Which means you make money (commissions) when you recommend useful products on Stakecut to someone.

Commissions are usually 50%, it could be more (or less) but let us say you are recommending a product priced at $30 and going for a 50% commission. If 5 people buy it on your recommendation in a week – your pay would be: $15 x 5= $75.

And if you manage to do this number every week for a month; you’d have made $75 x 4 = $300

Do the math on what $300 means in your currency.

So what is the process of earning like this?

Well: You only need ONE THING to get started, and that is a LIST

What is a list? I’ll explain with an illustration: 

Now think of it this way, if you have a drug that cures Diabetes, who will you sell it to? 
Easy; people with diabetes! And even if they don’t have it, it has to be someone who knows someone that does.

Imagine having a list of 1,000 people like this. If that drug is (hypothetically) priced at $30 (18,000 Naira) and if just 700 of them buy – that is $21,000 (or 12.6 Million naira in sales).

Guess what? This is how most people make money on Stakecut too! They simply build a list, and then they recommend the product they are promoting to the list and that is how they make sales!

Some people have a list with more than 10,000 people in it, whenever they recommend a product people RUSH to buy it! If only just 1% of that 10,000 buys – he’d be making 1,000 sales!

For a product where he gets paid $15 per sale; that is $15,000 in sales. This is why a List is important, it is like a personal ATM. Whenever you need money simply recommend a product from Stakecut to them and when they buy, you get paid. 

How does This Work on Stakecut

There are 2 ways to build your list 
1. With Paid ads (eg: Facebook ads & using influencers) 
2. With Organic (or free) Traffic (eg: advertising on your whatsapp status or Facebook) 

….but for this post, let us focus on option 2: Organic or Free Traffic. 
The mistake MOST people make is trying to sell to their friends & family on either their whatsapp, instagram or Tiktok. Nothing wrong in this, you could be lucky and find someone who takes up your recommendation….but then, remember that we want to look out for people MOST likely to buy.

The best way to find the people MOST likely to buy is to find people with the problem that the product you are recommending solves.

Let us say you are recommending a weight loss product, you need to go online to find people trying to lose weight and then recommend to them the way to do it? This is how to go about this in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: List Your Search Words 

Write a list of words that people who have the problem are interested in. For weight loss they will be interested in words like: Keto, Calories, Weight Loss, Food Plan, etc.

For diabetes they will be interested in words like Insulin, Diabetes Diet, Reverse Diabetes, etc.

But let us focus on weight loss 

Step 2: Look Up Your Keyword

Take the word you have picked, then go to Facebook and search for it in the search bar. We are going to pick Keto, which is a type of diet plan for people that want to lose weight. 

Notice the parts highlighted in red, first the top left you can see the word ‘’Keto’’ that we searched for. Then at the bottom left we are focusing on just Facebook Groups, so we click on that…and now we have groups for Keto on the right.

Notice the number of people in these groups. The first has 274,000 Members, the Second contains 230,000 members! And the third 211,000 members. These are potential people you can sell to.

But hold on…
…these groups are also a type of LISTS, and they belong to the admins of such groups. Now, most admins don’t like you coming to sell to their list…when you do they may ban you and remove you.

Plus it is rude to jump in on these groups and start sharing your affiliate link, so the best way to do it is in step 3 below

Step 3: Join & Give Value

 People buy from people they like & trust, which means if you recommend a product to someone that does not like you or trust you – they won’t buy. It is normal human behavior. 

  So how do you make people trust you? Simple – by helping them FIRST before you make a recommendation to them. 

Which means you can go through posts and comments and try to answer the questions people are asking. After answering a question you can add something like this – ‘’by the way, i have something that can help you lose weight without eating tasteless meals, in fact – you can even eat everything you love and still lose weight with this method. Send me a DM if you need more Info’’

  People will begin to send you DMs, and this is where you tell them a little bit of the benefits of the product you are recommending and then share your affiliate link with them to take a look. Go here to see how to generate your affiliate link

  Note that you should come off as a friend and not as a marketer, they need to feel you are simply just helping them out.

  You can also use the post method (but not all admins like this approach) – join the groups and post something in this Format ‘’Is Anybody Interested in [What they Want] Without [What they want to Avoid]? Please comment so i can send you [Your Offer] 

For example; let us say you are doing this for a High Blood Pressure Product you are recommending that reverses high Bp with lifestyle changes, using that template your post will look something like: 

Is Anybody Interested in Reversing Their High Blood Pressure Without Taking Drugs? Please comment ‘’Send’’ so I can Send you this Guide on How a Lecturer in Enugu Reversed hers…

Anyone who comments send, you can then either send them your affiliate link via DM or a link to your List [a telegram, whatsapp or Facebook group] – this is how people join your list and click your affiliate link to check out the offer, once they go through the website your affiliate link leads them to and they buy – you get paid 

…and this is how you build your list and drive organic traffic so you can sell on Stakecut! Go out now and start to implement…

If you want to learn how to be very very good at selling as an Affiliate on Stakecut, then Check out this product here>>>It was created by the co-Founder of Stakecut and it shares more amazing secrets, like the one you just read; on how to sell easily on the platform 

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