How to Make Money On Stakecut

In this blogpost, I’m going to show you a simple step by step path you need to follow in order to start making money on Stakecut. 

We have people making between $100 [60,000 Naira] – $5,000 [3 Million naira] weekly on Stakecut and usually these people started exactly where you are now. Which means it is also possible to get results on Stakecut no matter what you feel are the limitations you have now 

This will work for you even if you want to use this as a side hustle or work full-time on Stakecut from the comfort of your home. 

Once you follow this simple plan and start getting results, you’d be made every week on Mondays [I’ll get to this part in bit].

Here i will share with you exactly how money is made on Stakecut, The three steps you need to follow to get started on Stakecut and how to know the exact things to sell on Stakecut….But first let us look at how to make money on Stakecut 

The Stakecut Business Model

To get this part, I’d like to tell you the inspiring story of the man that made MILLIONS selling Apple Laptops and Phones on Instagram…WITHOUT owning a single one of the products. 

Let us call him John.

John went to a big Apple store and asked to take pictures of the product they had.

Then he uploads the product on his Instagram page advertising it. When someone buys, he buys the product from the Apple store with the money and then takes the profit.

Then he sends the product to the buyer. 

Every time – he’d get the sale, buy the product and deliver then keep the profit. 

This is called ‘’Affiliate Marketing’’ – and it is the same way you’d be making money on Stakecut. Which means you get paid when you connect a seller to a buyer – and when a transaction occurs you get paid a commission. 

We have spoken to the vendors so you do not have to, Stakecut has some really cool high-selling products you can jump on right away and start promoting. 

These vendors have a website ready too, so all you need is to just drive traffic (we will explain what Traffic is in a bit and how to drive it)

So how does What John Do play out on Stakecut?

The question you may have now is; ‘’Okay, I get it – how do I start earning myself with Stakecut doing the sort of smart moves like John? 

You need to do 3 Things to Earn on Stakecut

  1. Pick a Product 
  2. Copy Your Affiliate Link 
  3. Drive Traffic 

These are the 3 ”magical steps” that can change your life. Now let us break all of them down step by step so you can see how to carry out each step: 

Pick a Product

  We have done all the leg work for you so you do not have to stress yourself looking for what to sell. 

On Stakecut you can sell three different types of product – digital products (courses, audios and ebooks), Physical Products and Services 

To find a product to promote, simply go to the Stakecut marketplace on your dashboard:

As you can see, each product you see in the marketplace shows the product type (whether digital, physical products or services) and you can also see the price. 
If you are viewing this from mobile, swipe the page a little to the left to reveal the promote button on the extreme right. 

Step 1: Picking The Product to Promote

We have different products across different markets and niches, but sometimes people ask us to make suggestions for them on what is best to promote.

The thing is; it all depends on you and what interests you. 

However; The positions of the products in the marketplace is always changing as they get sales. Which means the products that has gotten the most sales is arranged at the top, and the ones with the less sales are at the bottom. 

So when you want to pick products based on best-sellers on the platform it is best to look at the first 10 in the market place. 

But Note, that while picking a product to promote based on the ones with the most sales be sure to look at the launch date as older products would naturally have the most sales and the newer ones will have the less number of sales.

You can also pick products to promote based on the price and commission, this is ideal if you want to make more money, then you can go for high priced products with at least a 50% commission – that way you’d get a higher payout. 

…if, however; what you need is faster sales then a good low priced product is what you need instead. The idea is people will easily buy a low priced product than a higher priced one. 

With all this said; the decision is yours in the end. What you need to do now is to log into your Stakecut, visit the market place and pick a product you want to promote. 

Step 2: Copying Your Affiliate Link

Once you find a product you want to Promote, click on the Promote Button [Swipe to the left if you are viewing for mobile to reveal the promote button then click on it]

Once you click on the Promote Button, you’ll see the next page below. This is where you’d copy your affiliate link.

This link is Unique to you, which means if someone clicks on it they are taken to the website of the seller – and if they buy on that website, the link tracks the sale and makes sure that you get your commission on your dashboard – automatically. 

Once you make a sale it will appear this way:

The part in the red box shows your total earning on Stakecut, while the part with the red arrow pointing at it shows your next payout (of course you won’t see the arrow and red box on your account, this is just for illustration purposes].

After copying your link, the next step is DRIVING traffic

Step 3: Driving Traffic

Driving traffic basically means – GETTING people to click your affiliate link. The more people that click your link, the more sales you are likely to make.

Let us say you are promoting a product priced at $50, with a commission of 50%. It means for every sale you make you get paid $25. 

Let us say 100 people click your lick, but only 10 buy – you would make $25 x 10 which equals $250 in commision [note that Stakecut charges 2% service fee during payout] 

But to understand how to get people to click your affiliate link so you can drive traffic, let us look at the example we gave earlier – John. 

Remember how i told you that John would take pictures of the products then post on Instagram? Exactly! 

This method is called – Organic Traffic Method; which is getting people that already know you online to click on your affiliate link and buy.

You may have seen many vendors do this on TikTok, Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. All you need to do is create contents talking about the product then ask your audience to click a link in the comment section or in your Bio to buy.

In fact, one of our Affiliates used this simple method to make over $1,000 on Stakecut – using just her TikTok account. Rather than use the internet to watch videos and pictures, you too can create videos and pictures yourself and turn your social media accounts into an ATM that makes you money. 

So log into Stakecut now and get started!

The Next Step

If you cannot create contents that sell, we have made a crash course on how to write contents that sell, this will help you in your organic marketing and get more people to click your affiliate links. Use the hype-linked text below to access the crash course

On this page>>> scroll down to Copywriting Crash Course…Become a Good Copywriter in 30 Minutes


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