If at the end of this event & you feel this is a waste of your time - i will give you back 2X what you paid for this event….plus an apology for wasting your time!

Give Me Less Than 24 Hours & I’ll Show You How to Build a Money Making Website in Live Face to Face Event - Guaranteed

…you will be able to sell anything you want on this website & it will sell like chilled drinks on a hot afternoon

From the Desk of Czar & Joshua

CoFounders; Stakecut


Hey friend,

….would you like to get One Website that sends you credit alerts of ₦100,000….₦500,000 and even up to ₦1,000,000 every week?

Whether or not you are working, sleeping - or if you are out hanging out with friends? 

This is an official invitation to a special event, where I and my business partner Joshua Mba will show you how to build that website and by the time we are done,

and you are ready to leave the hall & you follow every instruction we give you  - you may be well into your 5th Credit alert, just a few days after the event. 

Here are Some Results from People

That Use Our Platform

“I made the decision to resign from my 15,000 naira ($21) job and focus on affiliate marketing late 2021, with my dashboard reading $0 on Stakecut till 2023 when I started seeing results. My earnings on Stakecut have reached $498 in just the first month of 2023 - which is big step from my previous earning”

- Mercy Enobong

“I am an optometrist earning a decent N120,000/month income[$171] and needed a side hustle to supplement my business. I have been selling on Stakecut since October 2022, and by January 2023 i had already made $2,300 on the platform…which is about 1.3 Million+ naira, which is roughly my one year salary made in less than 5 months. My income is growing every month.”

- Dr. Nelson Obinna

“I used to work as an Uber Driver, but after almost losing my life in a car accident I decided to make a switch. This was how I discovered and joined Stakecut from a video i saw on Youtube & I made my first $100 on Stakecut within a few weeks and there has been no stopping me ever since!”

- Pelaiah Ejinwa

I know what you are thinking now

 - that is impossible! 

If you have struggled to make money in the past…then the idea of making money that FAST will seem completely impossible. 

…..but i promise you, there is a little known way to build a website that legally makes you cool money online, easily, predictable - and anytime you want! If you read this till the end, I'll prove it to you and who knows, you may even make the list of the special group of people that will make it to my event & get one of such websites handed to you. 

However, before I get into all that of that 

It is only fair we introduce ourselves (for those who do not know already) - so you know exactly why you need to take what we are about to share with you seriously 

My name is Czar, and I am writing you this letter with my business partner Joshua from our Lagos office.


We are the Founders of Stakecut.com…and if you take a while to google Stakecut you’d see hundreds of articles about our company.

We have built the company to over 55,000 users, in over 12 African countries - with some of our users doing $100 - $5,000 every week with our platform and what we teach. 

From the Stakecut backend; We review close to 200+ funnels & websites every week, we see what is making money on Stakecut and what is not

…and this has given us the ability to guess, to great accuracy; a website that will make money or waste your time, just by looking at it.

We know what words to add to a page that INSTANTLY gets you more customers, and exactly what you’d add that will bring you a HEAP of free-loaders or customers that don’t have money to buy what you sell - no matter what you do.

I am not sharing this with you to brag, far from it - this is simply to prove to you that we know how to make people LOTS of money which means we can help you too; GUARANTEED 

It does not not matter if you sell shoes on Instagram 

Or if you are an affiliate marketer, coach, or even a freelancer.

- you need to take what you will read next very very seriously!

And Look…

It does not even matter if you are under a generational curse

…or if you have NEVER made a dime online

…or if you have tried EVERYTHING else that failed flat on its face….it does not matter if you have only made peanuts in the past

…or if you have tried different money making ventures that failed.

What we will share with you will work for you & you can sell literally anything on the internet, and finally have the life you desire.

I don’t know you, I have NEVER met you before - so why am I sure that I can help you make money, no matter what.

…simple…we have watched others in worse situations than you do it, so we are sure you can too!

In fact, don’t take my word for it…here are some people already cashing out with Stakecut and some of the things i’ll share with you on this page.

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- Princewill

Now We have that Out of the way, and You have seen - first hand;

that a lot of others are making money on Stakecut (with their own website)

and also that we can help you, let us get into HOW we can offer that help.

Ready? Now come with me…

The One Page Website Secret

So here is the gist, we studied 578 people who were making the MOST money in our startup,

to try to see what they did - and why they seemed to be making SO MUCH money with almost very little effort

…and what we saw SHOCKED us! 

They were doing something so simple, it looked completely silly!


They were selling with just A ONE PAGE website & their social media handle.

Take Hiliary, for Instance -

A 21 Year Old Pharmacy Student;

who Made $2,600 [₦1.5 Million] in Sales in a Single Month With This Simple One Page Website & Her TikTok Account

Can you believe that all it took - was just this single ONE PAGE website?

She would simply make a video on Titok, ask people to visit this website and boom - she makes sales. Pulling out money at will!

In fact, we checked deeper and every single one of the 597 people making the most money on Stakecut were using this single page website too!!!

Now, for the initiated; this is called a squeeze page.

And if you have been around long enough…you already know that Anyone can build one easily…

But Wait, Building a Squeeze Page was not ‘’The Secret Ingredient’’ That Made Them Money

…in fact, we watched some of our other users try to copy these top guys’ squeeze pages

…from the texts to the color…to the designs on the page!


Yet they never made a single: 

It was As If There was a Secret Ingredient that The Guys That Made Money Were Adding

People couldn’t see it, but…

…. if you build your own squeeze page with that secret ingredient you make money.

And If you don’t - you NEVER make money

…if you add it, boom - sales come.

Remove it, you don’t get a sale, add it - sales starts pouring in.

It was like a tap!

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this.

So we began to dig deep, trying to find out what that secret ingredient was…and when we found it, it left us shocked.


We Found Out it was Their OFFER!!!

…it was NOT how beautiful their page design was

(in fact, some of their websites were downright ugly),

or what words or copy they used,

or how beautiful their colors were

(we have seen pretty websites make NOTHING!)

It was their offer.

An Offer is like a roadside clothe shop & a boutique. 

Imagine this; a roadside clothe shop, clothes are scattered everywhere on the floor…the seller is screaming on the top of his lungs: 

‘’Buy your second hand wear, 20,000 Naira ($30)’’

Chances are you’d think it is too expensive.

But take those clothes, wash & iron them up then display them inside a boutique &

chances are you would consider buying it at that same price. 

This was the secret of the top guys…they took what others struggled to sell,

made it attractive using ‘’a simple offer creation formula’’ & sold a TON of it!!! 

Let me Sweeten The Deal for You Further..

$1,246.00 in Free Bonuses Guaranteed When You Order Before August 30th

Hot Bonus 1

One Year Free FollowUp in the Community

Asides joining THOUSANDS of others who will pay for this event, we will also follow up on your progress to be sure you are getting results from everything you are learning at the event, for ONE FULL YEAR.

Hot Bonus 2


Everyone doesn't learn at the same pace; some learn fast & some others take a little bit of time. We understand this - so we have put together a community to make sure NOBODY is left behind.

Which means no matter what, this ensures you get results and actually start making money with all the secrets we will share with you. 

We will give you access to a special group of others like you, where you can ask your questions and also get help when need be. 

Hot Bonus 3

Twelve Squeeze Page Template

First, before the ‘’secret ingredient’ we will share at Stakecut live will work - you need to know exactly how to find & attract people that have money in hand & are ready to spend it on your product.

Your squeeze page is to your product what a boutique is to clothes. A Shabby shop will attract shabby customers - an expensive looking boutique will chase them away.

A road side restaurant built with wood will attract just about anyone, an expensive looking high end restaurant will filter away people that are scared of expensive meals.

The 12 squeeze page we will hand over to you contains what we call the ‘’non-buyers filter words’’ - this ensures that you only attract people with money in hand ready to buy whatever you sell. In fact, just by plugging these into your business - you’d notice a sharp jump in the number of sales you make! Guaranteed.

Hot Bonus 4

HighConverting Sales Funnel Expo 

Would you like to get foreign clients that will pay you as much as $1,500 for a job it takes just 2 hours to do? Then learning how to build a Sales Funnel is the way to go.

But just not any sales funnel, but world class sales funnels, something a client in the US will happily pay top dollar for. You also need to know where to find clients for this job, and that is where this bonus comes in

In Fact this bonus alone is worth at over $500 if we were to sell it as a standalone course, but you get it for FREE 

Hot Bonus 5

Perfect Lead Magnet Blueprint

To attract customers you need to give something for FREE; this is why people use PDF, Video lead magnets or ‘’giveaways’’ to attract customers

…But if you have tried this in the past you already know that: giving Lead magnets the wrong way could attract lots of FREEBIE seekers who are only interested in the free gifts but NEVER buy.

The Perfect Lead Magnet Blueprint shows you exactly how to get lead magnet ideas that will only attract people who have money & are ready to spend it on your products & exactly how to get them to feel a strong urge to buy after getting it!

Hot Bonus 6

Presell Formula

You make content (videos, posts or write ups) online asking people to buy from you; those contents are called ‘’Presell Contents’’

…but do you know that there is a particular way to CREATE content that automatically SWITCHES on the buy button in people’s minds? It is called ‘’The Presell Formula’’

In fact, it works so well we have seen people BEG to buy products after going through videos & posts with presell formula inside of it.

…and this is exactly what most top vendors & online sellers do to sell out products whenever they do sales or promote their products. Best part? We will reveal their secrets to you for FREE. 

Hot Bonus 7

Closing Email Accelerator

There are 4 Billion email users in the world, and about $11 Billion is projected to be made from email marketing in 2023 alone.

Not everyone reads their emails, but the people that do (eg: work professionals) read their emails EVERY DAY & they have money to spend.

…if you want to make good money online you need to use email marketing! But a lot of people will struggle today if they start email marketing. First, you need to know how to do the perfect email marketing that brings sales.

This is where ‘’Email Closing Accelerator’’ comes in, we will show you how to set up and turn emails into your personal ATM from scratch!

Hot Bonus 8

Money Grabbing Copy Technique

Would you like to know exactly how to write strong persuasive advertising & sales copy that GRAB people & instantly want to make them buy?

Only someone with a STRONG track record can show you how, we have been writing copy for the past 5 years in multiple niches & know exactly what works & what doesn’t

In this BONUS you will get, step by detailed step; how to write (in minutes) copy that makes people give you money - even if you struggle to write copy now, failed ENGLISH language, or hate to write. 

Hot Bonus 9

Lead & Sales Generation Formula

This is the ONLY training you will need on how to generate Leads & close them into sales.

In fact, you will see exactly where to find leads, how to qualify them and be sure they’d buy & exactly how to get them to buy on and on.

This bonus will practically show you how to set up a money spitting ATM online

You Would Also Get
Stakecut Gift Bag + TShirts

100% 'Better-Than-Risk-Free' Guarantee

In case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make this opportunity as risk-free as possible (actually better-than-risk-free). So I will completely guarantee your success using the strategies we will share with you:

In fact, if after the event you don’t believe it is everything i say it is, if you are not 100% completely happy with all the money making potential it has for you, if it doesn’t give you that ginger to go out and start applying it - privately walk up to us at the event and ask for your money back.

…we will give you back your money plus an apology for wasting your time.

Why would I make such a lopsided guarantee in your favor?

Well, the truth is we are not really worried about refunds because we’ve seen how powerful these tactics we will share at the event have been for our users (and for my students as well). In fact, once you get your hands on this information and see the incredible potential, you'd have to be almost insane to turn away

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Jenny Martins // Industrial designer

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Josh Samuel // Blogger

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George Dune // Developer

And just to add, meetings like these are not meant to be priced at N20,000.

They should be higher.

But this is just to show you that we're not trying to raise money or make profit with this event.

This is a complete giveaway.

And as a guarantee, if you come to the Stakecut Live Event and you feel like you left empty-handed, send me a message asking for a refund of your money.

No questions asked.

We have just 2,000 seats.

But mind you…at this very moment 120,000 + other people (both affiliates & customers of stakecut) are reading this same message as you too.

Once the seats are filled, you won't be able to register again.
If you exit this page without clicking on the link below, you might never have that opportunity again.

Everything you could imagine and everything you've heard about the "fantasy" of an Internet business is true

- but there is one big secret

The Big 'Secret' of Super Successful

Internet Business Owners

Studies have shown an important fact about the achievements of most successful people.

They had a mentor - someone who took them under their wing and showed them how things are done. Without this you may spend YEARS doing everything wrong and never getting it right.

4 HOURS with the experts can change your entire 4 years!


If you're looking for guidance from someone who has actually done it and is willing to share everything with you, - I doubt you'll find as many qualified candidates as I (Czar) and Joshua Mba.

I wish I had someone when I started out...

A good blueprint like the one we will share with you LIVE would have saved me tons of mistakes if I had this same opportunity as you do now.

In fact, our goal when creating this system was to put together everything I wished I could have had when I first started.

Listen, there's something else I need to mention and please don't take it the wrong way:


This is literarily us giving back!

To us, financially it doesn't matter if you invest in this event or not (with all of the expenses we are investing in we may not even be profitable),

whether you join us at the event or not our business will continue providing me with a high 7-figure income.

In fact, your decision to get started won't affect our lifestyle one way or another -

but I guarantee it will affect yours.

With Stakecut Live, you will finally have all the secrets you need to create your own fortune online.


The real questions you've got to ask yourself are these: 

Are you really serious about creating an Internet business that works on autopilot?

Do you really have what it takes to start earning more money and really enjoy doing it?

This may come as a shock -

but most people truthfully cannot answer 'Yes' to these questions.

Oh sure, they want to think they can -

but the truth is they'd much rather come home and put themselves in front of the TV or surf the internet continuing to wish their lives could change.

But I don't think you're like that. 

Since you've read this far - I think you're ready to join the real players on the Internet and start creating your own online success story. 

Go ahead.

You've got nothing to lose - you owe it to yourself (and your future) to take advantage of this generous "better-than-risk-free" offer.

Just to be Clear - Here is What You Get Again

A Seat at our Event

Full access to the FIRST ever Stakecut Live Event in Lagos, where you’ll learn: How to Build a Money Making Website in LESS than 24 Hours.

StakeCut Gift Bag

including T-Shirts and Stakecut branded Stationeries

Group Mentorship

One Year Free FollowUp

And there is more...

  • One Year Free FollowUp
  • Free Access to the Stakecut Live Community
  • HighConverting Sales Funnel Expo.
  • 12 Squeeze Page Template
  • Perfect Lead Magnet Blueprint
  • Presell Formula
  • Closing Email Accelerator
  • Money Grabbing Copy Technique
  • Lead & Sales Generation Formula

Look, if you're truly serious about finding a way to make an incredible living working just a few hours a day using the Internet there really is no substitute for this step-by-step system we will share at Stakecut Live.

There's absolutely no way you can lose out - unless you decide to "think it over" or come up with excuses why you cannot show up. 

But honestly, this shouldn't even be something you need to think about because I don't know one single person who has made money by taking a pass when opportunity knocks. 

Do you?

Trust your gut feeling and go for it! You'll be glad you did.



P.S. Remember, unless you decide to do something to change your future you can only expect to keep getting the same results from your life. Don't kick yourself later when you realize you've missed out on the greatest opportunity to build a fortune on the Internet.
Seats for this event is Limited - Continue reading to see how to get a spot

What You'll Be Learning

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